About this site

About this site
In case you wonder, these are not some random people. This is me (in the middle) and my two girls. It makes me look relatable and allows me to show you pictures of my kids without your consent 😉

This is AI Engineer, a personal blog by Oleksandr Antoshchenko.

I have a passion for engineering, and over the years, I have accumulated knowledge and techniques that I believe might be interesting for software practitioners, not only in engineering roles. I have been in software professionally since 2007, working as a Back-End Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, Manager, full-time Scrum Master, and everything in between. I worked for some huge companies like Amazon and Expedia and tiny startups that have been acquired and no longer exist.

As of 2023, I've started my journey as an entrepreneur. I build software that creates software using LLMs. I am convinced that the old ways of building software are fading in history and embrace the future of Software V2. During that work, I gained rare expertise in the application of AI and building AI agents that I am eager to share with whoever wants to learn.

AI Engineer, I mostly focus on applying generative AI, general software engineering, and processes.

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